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The Treatment

Treatment depends on a number of things, as there are a number of different forms of prostate cancer.

The Testing

Prostate cancer cannot be detected for certain by your GP, but there are tests your GP can carry out.

The Risks

The most common cancer in men in the UK, with a few risk factors that we know about.

The Symptoms

It may not cause any symptoms initially, but when it is diagnosed, it's usually at an advanced stage.

Prostate Cancer

The most common cancer in men, with over 35,000 men diagnosed each year with Prostate Cancer in the UK.

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Prostate Cancer News – PRX302 (topsalysin) may help men avoid radical treatment

This new trial is very exciting” for localised prostate cancer. PRX302 (topsalysin). Read what Prof Mark Emberton has to say about this new trial. The research leader Dr Hashim Ahmed says that this treatment could help some men avaoid radicl surgery or radiation therapy. ……/topsalysin-aiding-ma…/ See More Topsalysin Aiding Majority of Prostate Cancer Patients,

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Victoria Wood is said to have kept her cancer diagnosis from family and friends. How did you share your diagnosis?

Do you get all the help and support you need from outside your family circle? OR Do you get your support from your family and friends? OR Do you get your support from a charity or support group? OR Do you get your support from your GP and your Consultants team? The link below is

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Prostate Cancer – Is now the time for the USPSTF to revisit their decision on PSA testing

PSA testing and prostate cancer the the pro and anti forces have been flexing their muscles this week. We have seen PCUK publish 13statements aimed at making decision making easier for GPs. The statements are not a catch all thing but they are a massive step forward from where we currently are in primary care.

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Prostate Cancer – Knowledge is power so why are fewer men being tested?

When we accept that Knowledge is Power why is it that fewer men are now being tested for prostate cancer? ‘Tackle’ the UK Prostate Cancer Support Federation are running a campaign called “Get your score on the board” (baseline PSA test. The red sock campaign says that all men should have a baseline PSA at

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Prostate Cancer “Moonshot”

#‎prostate‬ ‪#‎cancer‬ ‘Moonshot’ Prostate cancer earlier detection and more use of immunotherapy will be two of the benefits that should come from Obamas ‘Moonshot’ investment. Hopefully we will see a more definitive test for early stage prostate cancer and more advanced treatments in immunotherapy alongside ‘Provenge’ First reports on progress are due in December. …

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Ten Years of Living With Incurable Metastatic Prostate Cancer

prostate #cancer TEN Y#EARS ago today I was diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer How to live well with metastatic prostate cancer. The answer for me is that “Im not entirely sure!”. Its a complex formulae governed to a large extent by each mans different expectations and capability. Thursday January 26th 2006 was the date of

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Patients Stories

I have advanced prostate cancer, it is in my bones. It is going to kill me. There is nothing i can do about it. I live a wonderful life. I owe this wonderful life to a total stranger Keith Cass & The Red Sock Campaign, for his belief in what he does.

Eddy Newman

( d. June 2012 )

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