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We have provided a variety of links to other sources of information about Prostate Cancer.

The Treatment

Treatment depends on a number of things, as there are a number of different forms of prostate cancer.

The Testing

Prostate cancer cannot be detected for certain by your GP, but there are tests your GP can carry out.

The Risks

The most common cancer in men in the UK, with a few risk factors that we know about.

The Symptoms

It may not cause any symptoms initially, but when it is diagnosed, it's usually at an advanced stage.

Prostate Cancer

The most common cancer in men, with over 35,000 men diagnosed each year with Prostate Cancer in the UK.

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Should abiraterone (zytiga) be available to men before they have chemotherapy for prostate cancer.

Jim Marshall of Melbourne, Australia talks in this video about the value of giving men the abiraterone (zytiga) treatment (4 pills at the same time every day) before a man has chemotherapy.

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Enzalutamide (Xtandi) the new treatment for men with metastatic prostate cancer

Here is a link to what Dr ‘Snuffy’ Myers has to say about the value of Enzalutamide in putting prostate cancer into remission.  

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Go Dad Run 15th June 2014 Bute Park Cardiff Prostate Cancer Awareness

Dear Keith, This Father’s Day why not do something different and join Olympian, Colin Jackson in a 5k fun run for Prostate Cancer UK? Sign up now for Sanlam’s Go Dad Run. After a successful launch last year, Sanlam’s Go Dad Run is back and set to be bigger and better than ever. It’s a

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Prostate Cancer – Bone Loss when men are treated with hormone therapy (ADT)

In this 8 minute video Dr Myers talks about Bone Loss and how Xgeva (denosumab) can help some men. He also describes how and why bone loss occurs in some men on hormone therapy.

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#Prostate #Cancer article by the red sock campaign

A red sock campaign article appears in the ‘Health Check Wales’ supplement of the Western Mail today on pages 6 and 7 and should be available to view on line soon at

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Prostate Cancer all 5 million Rwandan men to have a PSA test

There are 5 million Rwandan men worldwide and because they are black realise that their men are in the increased risk group so they have said that to secure the future of Rwandans by not ignoring this disease all 5 million men will be tested for prostate cancer by 2020. Yet here in the

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Patients Stories

I have advanced prostate cancer, it is in my bones. It is going to kill me. There is nothing i can do about it. I live a wonderful life. I owe this wonderful life to a total stranger Keith Cass & The Red Sock Campaign, for his belief in what he does.

Eddy Newman

( d. June 2012 )

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