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The Treatment

Treatment depends on a number of things, as there are a number of different forms of prostate cancer.

The Testing

Prostate cancer cannot be detected for certain by your GP, but there are tests your GP can carry out.

The Risks

The most common cancer in men in the UK, with a few risk factors that we know about.

The Symptoms

It may not cause any symptoms initially, but when it is diagnosed, it's usually at an advanced stage.

Prostate Cancer

The most common cancer in men, with over 35,000 men diagnosed each year with Prostate Cancer in the UK.

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Ten Years of Living With Incurable Metastatic Prostate Cancer

prostate #cancer TEN Y#EARS ago today I was diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer How to live well with metastatic prostate cancer. The answer for me is that “Im not entirely sure!”. Its a complex formulae governed to a large extent by each mans different expectations and capability. Thursday January 26th 2006 was the date of

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New Samadi Institute of Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer patients established in Cyprus.

The Mediterranean Hospital in Limassol, Cyprus has established a Samadi Institute of Robotic Surgery. The hospital of robotic surgery in Limassol is available for  International prostate cancer patients. The robotic procedure for removal of mens prostate gland is the one developed by the World renowned Dr David B. Samadi of New York who has carried out almost 6,500 robotic prostatectomies. His

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Prostate cancer for younger men as reported by Dr D. Samadi

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#Prostate #Cancer – “The future is a better place”

Interesting article by Christopher Woodhouse reported in ‘Trends in Urology & Men’s Health’ The article asks the question “Were things better when we were younger? Are we wiser than our fathers?” The article is followed by a comment from Dr Jon Rees who is a great advocate for men and the health of their prostate.

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Newly diagnosed Prostate Cancer patients and hormone therapy.

Almost all Prostate cancer patients will at one time or another be treated with hormone therapy drugs. These drugs are very powerful and in most cases very effective at reducing a mans PSA level. In the UK the most common forms of treatment at this stage are Zoladex, Prostap3 and Firmagon. These all come with side

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Routine blood tests for men with PSA<1.5 would save MILLIONS of £s

At the red sock campaign I have been looking for a peer reviewed study that would: 1/ SAVE LIVES 2/ SIMPLIFY the guidelines that cause so much confusion to GPs in primary. 3/ Be relatively JARGON FREE so that ALL men can understand the reasoning. 4/ REDUCE over treatment. 5/ REDUCE under treatment 6/ Show a COST

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Patients Stories

I have advanced prostate cancer, it is in my bones. It is going to kill me. There is nothing i can do about it. I live a wonderful life. I owe this wonderful life to a total stranger Keith Cass & The Red Sock Campaign, for his belief in what he does.

Eddy Newman

( d. June 2012 )

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