Broccoli Urghhhh – BUT just maybe…….

Broccoli Urghhhh – BUT just maybe…….

Diet – anti cancer foods Well Im a bit of a sceptic until the proof arrives thats why Im putting this on the red sock website.

Richard Mitten of the Norwich Research Park UK has found that sulforaphane a chemical found in Broccoli interacts with cells lacking a gene called PTEN to reduce the chances of prostate cancer developing.

In his trials the men were eating 400g (thats 14 oz) of Broccoli per week!! Doesnt leave much room on the plate for those roasties and yorkshire spuds!!

BUT if your really looking to give yourself the best chance of avoiding PROSTATE CANCER then this does look as if it has distinct possibilities and incidentally it is claimed to work on helping the prevention of BREAST CANCER.

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