JUST LOOK AT THESE STATS….Crisis, what crisis ???

JUST LOOK AT THESE STATS….Crisis, what crisis ???

This blog is not about having a go at women with breast cancer. I support them and admire evreything they have achieved and believe they deserve even more.
What I hope you see in these stats are the vast differences in awareness, treatments, trials, life expectancy, funding, trials, news gap,research articles when comparing breast cancer to prostate cancer.

1/ Men still avoid the doctors for whatever reason in favour of “toughing it out”.

2/ Most men are unaware there is a simple blood test for prostate cancer SO how are they expected to have a shared decision about it when the information is not made available to them.

3/ LIFE EXPECTANCY on average women live 5.5 years longer than men. WHY? (prostate cancer?).

4/ INCIDENCE 129/100k women have breast cancer 170/100k men have prostate cancer!!! (If you only look at numbers then more women have breast cancer BUT there are MORE women than men.

5/ MORTALITY 25.8/100k women die of breast cancer 28.5/100k men die of prostate cancer.

6/ NEWS GAP There are THREE times more news stories about breast cancer than prostate cancer.

7/ FUNDING Breast Cancer receives TWICE as much funding as prostate cancer.

8/ RESEARCH FUNDING Breast cancer receives almost THREE times as much funding as prostate cancer.

9/ APPROVED DRUGS Breast Cancer has SEVEN times more approved drugs than for prostate cancer.

10/ CLINICAL TRIALS There are TWICE as many for Breast Cancer than for Prostate Cancer.

11/ RESEARCH ARTICLES There are almost THREE times as many for Breast Cancer than for Prostate Cancer.

The Fact is that if prostate cancer is caught early enough then nearly 100% of men are still alive after 5 years after diagnosis BUT if the cancer has spread to a distant location at time of diagnosis the 5 year survival rate is only 34%.

Who can change the statistics and help our future ment o live longer healthier lives? The answer is EVERYONE. You can do your bit by giving the information to ALL the men in your life whether it be dad, uncle, brother, husband, partner or friend and tell them about the risks of ignoring prostate cancer.

If you could ask the 10,000 men a year that continue to die of prostate cancer they would say “I wish I had been tested earlier”.


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