My #Prostate Cancer Journey

My #Prostate Cancer Journey

We are hoping to put some prostate cancer patients stories onto the red sock website.

We already have Keith’s on there and we have others from men around the UK

Peter Tyson from Derby has sent us his story and I am sure you will be shocked by the way he was treated, the lack of information even after diagnosis, no guidance on treatment options. Peter is now on the road to a full recovery BUT it could have so much easier if he had been invited for a PSA test earlier. Peter is now a very good friend of mine and a great support. 

Another will be from Alex Munro in Lincoln unfortunately Alex is in a terrible condition and will die soon of prostate cancer because no one told him of the risks of prostate cancer. If Alex’s story doesn’t convince you that you or the man in your life should know his PSA level then nothing will. I have met Alex and his wife on numerous occasions and I know he will fight to the very end.

I would like you to share your story with us either with your real name of anon so please post your story on the website (it does not get published until I have checked the content and confirmed everything with you).


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