#Prostate Cancer #PSA test

#Prostate Cancer #PSA test

It was a bad week last week not just my earlier blog but whilst I was in conversation with a bunch of guys who had been affected by prostate cancer in one way or another – One of them did not agree with men having a PSA test.

Wow the brainwashing and confusion of the health service at its very worst.

I am a man who has #incurable prostate cancer BECAUSE I was not tested early enough!! SO I will join the ranks of those that will have to die of prostate cancer.

My answer to the guy was that I would take him on a round Britain tour and we would visit the 11,000 men that will die of #prostate cancer this year.

We will ask them what is the one wish you would want AND to a man they would say ” I wish I had had the #PSA test earlier”

#Prof Roger Kirby tells us that everyman who dies of #prostate cancer will have passed through a window of opportunity of a #cure. Miss the window and the treatment is palliative.


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