#Abiraterone #prostatecancer Eddies story #PCasupportgroup

#Abiraterone #prostatecancer Eddies story #PCasupportgroup

Last night at the prostate cancer support group meeting Eddie told us a little of his journey (the full story will appear on the red sock site soon).

On Good Friday Eddie started on a course of the Abiraterone treatment which involves taking 4 tablets (at once) a day. Eddie explained that his life had been changed so dramatically he found it was almost a dream. Quality was now back in Eddies life he was free of pain and was now able to do all those jobs around the house that prior to Abiraterone he was capable of. Eddie has prostate cancer in every bone in his body and he knows that Abiraterone will not extend his life by more than a month or two and he will die sooner rather than later of prostate cancer. Chemotherapy had failed for Eddie and it also ruined his life style, he was a runner of extraordinary skill with Marathons run regularly in 4 hours 10 minutes and half marathons in 1 hour 50 minutes he was a true athlete.

I must admit to the naked eye Eddie did not look good but what an inspiration to us all and he poignant warning to EVERYONE of the dangers of ignoring prostate cancer.

Eddies one wish was that he wished he had been told or had known that a simple cheap regular blood test such as the PSA test was available that would indicated the problem in his prostate gland at a stage when it could almost certainly have been cured.

Eddie deserved to live a long and healthy life with his wife and children but it has been taken away from him at the age of 64. How many more Eddies before we do something!!

11,000 men a year are dying in the UK because they dont have a regular health check (that includes the PSA test).


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