#Healthchecks for men to include a #PSAtest for #Prostatecancer

#Healthchecks for men to include a #PSAtest for #Prostatecancer


The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston USA are saying that Active Surveillance is emerging as an alternative to treatment in men with low risk prostate cancer.

red sock have been saying for YEARS now that Active Surveillance should be a major source of treatment/non treatment of men whose prostate cancer falls into the gray area i.e a PSA of up to 10 and a Gleason score of 6. Too many of these men are treated when Active Surveillance would be a better option as many of these men’s cancers will never progress to an advanced stage.

With the May elections almost a distant memory it is time to remind those now in power of their promise of annual health checks for ALL. We at red sock campaign for the inclusion of a PSA test (until a better test is available) to be included in an annual well man check.

GPs need to be better informed about the PSA readings so that they can decide when a DRE should be carried out and when a referral is appropriate. There is such a difference of opinion held by GPs around the test that confusion rules and too many men are denied the test that could save THOUSANDS of lives.

Keith Cass at red sock has advanced and terminal prostate cancer and he like the other 11,000 men that will die of prostate cancer this year just have two wishes, the first that they had been given the opportunity of deciding for themselves whether or not to have the PSA test and the second we ALL wish we had been tested earlier at a stage when we would almost certainly had the chance of a cure.

The cost of a few PSA blood tests and Active Surveillance for many men would save the Health Service from the MASSIVE expense of treating those men with the advanced form of the disease.

We await the results of the Prostate Cancer Intervention Versus Observation Trial (PIVOT) results this spring which will give us an insight into the consequences of observation vs initial treatment.

I would urge all men aged 40 or over (up to 70) to go to their GP and ask for a PSA test if your GP queries why you should have the test say I don’t want to be one of the 11,000 men who die each year because no one gave them the PSA test.

Remember most men have NO symptoms and those who do usually have the advanced form of the disease.


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