#PSA and who to test! #ProstateCancerPatient led study?

#PSA and who to test! #ProstateCancerPatient led study?

We read so much about this study and that study carried out by health-care professionals on our behalf and with mind blowing data extracted from this and that source to suit the purpose of their conclusions and so often in total opposition to fellow professionals, so how can we mere prostate cancer patients be expected to have a clear understanding of even the basic information when controversy reigns within the professionals world of prostate cancer.

We need some plain speaking in plain English written words and I believe there are enough people out there as patients (and family) to gather together and prepare a study that is patient led and is 100% patient opinion. We are the ones that are living with this disease and it is our sons and grandsons that we are trying to create a prostate cancer free life for.


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