Tribute to #DougGray ‘If you Love your Man’

Tribute to #DougGray ‘If you Love your Man’

I am posting this poem by Christine Horn as a tribute to a dear friend Doug Gray who died OF prostate cancer on 31st August at the age of 64. Dougs words were ‘I wouldnt be dying of prostate cancer if I had been checked EARLIER’


If you love your man then please listen to me,

look after his health by keeping an eye on his wee.

If he’s stood at the loo taking ages to finish,

With dribbles or leaks or amount diminshed

And if he’s up in the night cos he’s needing to wee’

You know that its time for a doctor to see.

I promise you truly it will not take long, for the doctor to find out what is wrong,

His prostate may be bigger than normal you see,

but sometimes it’s camcer and both you and me,

must realise now, that the faster it’s treated,

your man will live on with the cancer defeated!

By C

  • dieta
    Posted at 19:15h, 17 September

    For the first time an experimental drug has extended the lives of men with advanced prostate cancer who are no longer responding to other treatments and are out of options for fighting the disease a company-led study found. .Prostate cancer is usually treated with surgery radiation or medicine that blocks testosterone a hormone that helps the cancer grow.

  • Dennis Morrod
    Posted at 05:22h, 15 January

    Another fine man has died prematurely along with approximately, another 9,999 men in 2011 As a member of the 2012 batch of men misdiagnosed with a Prostate problem that, like Doug, was allowed to become cancerous, his torch will be carried forward and eventually passed-on – until medical ineptitude is cured.

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