#Ladies tell the #men in your life to get their #prostate checked

#Ladies tell the #men in your life to get their #prostate checked

I came across this printed in the Trib Local 2 days ago written by a 28 y.o. man who is definitely gonna get his prostate screened when it comes time.

If your husband or your father is in his 40s or 50s, there’s a good chance that

1/ He’s due for a prostate screening


2/He’s been putting it off!

There’s also a slight chance that he’s stubborn enough to say something like this:

“I have male patients who tell me they would rather DIE of prostate cancer than have a digital rectal exam,” said Dr John Dolatowski, whose practice deals with internal medicine for adults. “They tell me flat-out, your never going to go there with me” (Suntimes.com)

How is it possible that men could be this stubborn? Well allow me to explain.

You see ‘rectal’ just one of those words that makes us shudder> I guess you could say it’s our version of the word ‘moist’. It sounds completely asinine, especially considering we’re lucky enough not to know what the childbirth process is like. A prostate exam should be a walk in the park.

But there’s more to it than just physical discomfort. When we hear the words prostate screening, ther’s the immediate thougfht of how embarrassed we would be during the screening process. Some men may even feel that their Manhood Meter would dip were they to get screened.

Ladies this is where you come in. The men in your life need you to tell them that you understand where they’re coming from. Then , they need you to gently tell them why they are mistaken. Expand their horizons and make them see beyond themselves.

Tell him the 15 minutes screening can add YEARS to his life. This is more time for him to be a husband, father, and grandfather.

Tell him prostate cancer is the most common non skin cancer and it affects 1 in 16 men.

Once he has been convinced, support him and tell him how much you admire him for getting his prostate examined. Then, tell him his job is not done. Tell him he must be open with his friends about it and urge them to get screened. The screenings have no ego-related stigma attached to them, but prostate cancer simply affects too many lives for it to continue being swept under the carpet.

And in case any men have read this far, here’s a nugget for you to remember:

A more active sex life is a positive factor in warding off prostate cancer

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