#prostatecancer #breastcancer #over-treatment definition?

#prostatecancer #breastcancer #over-treatment definition?

We have been hearing for years that there is over-treatment in prostate cancer and now over-treatment in breast cancer is  hitting the headlines.

Of course there is over-treatment as the epidemiologists can prove to us with statistics and colourful graphs, we all know that statistics don’t lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hope my son doesn’t read this he is a lecturer in statistics at Imperial Coll).

If a man is treated for prostate cancer or a woman (or man) treated for breast cancer how do they know whether the cancer would have progressed or not?

So therefore how do they measure over-treatment?

Some say that over-treatment occurs because the trigger point for treatment is set too low so perhaps it is the trigger point that needs a review.

Certainly in prostate cancer patients more and more men are advised to go the active surveillance (careful monitoring) route.

We will need indicators such as mammograms and the PSA test until they are replaced or complimented by alternatives.


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