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Aggressive Prostate Cancers Ma…

Aggressive Prostate Cancers May Be Found With Gene Screening – Businessweek

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Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to meet up with Professor Gordon McVie of the European Institute of Oncology, Milan at a Tenovus event.

We were talking about what the future holds for radiotherapy delivery to prostate cancer patients and other cancer patients.  He directed me to an interview he did with Dr Barbara Jereczek-Fossa about cyberknife which I can now recommend as a very interesting interview.

There are many interviews on this site that you may find of informative even for lay people such as myself.

I would like to recommend that anyone affected by prostate cancer should visit the website and listen to some of the interviews he has conducted around prostate cancer.

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Progress in the treatment of a…

Progress in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer by Professor Agamemnon Epenetos | totalhealth: via @AddThis

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Consumption Of Processed Meats…

Consumption Of Processed Meats Associated With Prostate Cancer via @mnt_prostate

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#Prostatecancer diagnosed? here are 17 questions for you to ask.

1/ What were my PSA scores?

2/ Will I need a biopsy?

3/ What are the risks and side effects of having a biopsy?

4/ How many biopsy samples will you take?

5/ What are my Gleason grades and Gleason score?

6/ Will I need an MRI, CT or bone scan?

7/ What is the stage of my cancer?

8/ What does my stage mean?

9/ What treatments are suitable for me?

10/ What are the risks and benefits of this treatment?

11/ What are the chances of successfully controlling the cancer with this treatment?

12/ What follow up will I need after treatment?

13/ What is the risk of my prostate cancer coming back?

14/ How will I know if my cancer returns?

15/ Which second line treatments will be available to me?

16/ Are there any clinical trials which I could take part in?

17/ Who can I or my family contact if we have any further questions or concerns?

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Try 2 convince a Man under 30 …

Try 2 convince a Man under 30 that a particular diet, lifestyle helps prevent #prostatecancer Remember when we under 30? we lived for the day and gave little thought to avoiding all the overcooked red meat (burgers etc.) restricting our alcohol consumption (drinking water instead of beer!!) and avaoiding a high fat diet (sausage egg and chips!!  cheese!!). Taking regular exercise when you only got to bed at 3am after a party that gave us some release from the pressure of a working day. Life is for living so if we are going to advise our young men that avoiding all the things they seem to get pleasure from we have to offer something that will give them an exciting quality of life as they discover new things in those informative  years 0 to 30.

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Visiting the 1914-1918 battle …

Visiting the 1914-1918 battle fields around Ypres so many MEN lost their lives many tears & now our MEN are dying of #prostatecancer WHY?

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#redsock #prostatecancer a few…

#redsock #prostatecancer a few days in #Ypres #Belgium sobering place so many young men dying in awful conditions We owe them so much

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BBC News – Cancer Research UK …

BBC News – Cancer Research UK begins DNA matching research

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