#Money wont buy you a cure for #metastatic #prostatecancer. #Awareness and early #diagnosis could save your life.

#Money wont buy you a cure for #metastatic #prostatecancer. #Awareness and early #diagnosis could save your life.

Here are just some of the rich and famous that have either died of prostate cancer because their prostate cancer had already metastasised before diagnosis and some who were diagnosed at a stage when a cure was possible.

Google the celebrity to read about them and their prostate cancer and then ask yourself  ‘Do I need to know about the health of my prostate gland?’.

Andy Ripley, Roger Moore, Bob Monkhouse, Rupert Murdoch, Harry Secombe, Arnold Palmer, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Colin Powel, Telly Savalas, Desmond Tutu, Jerry Lewis, Charlton Heston, Earl Woods, Frank Zappa, Harry Belafonte, Robert De Niro, Bob Dole, Nelson Mandela, Emperor Akihito, Norman Schwarzkopf, Francois Miterand, Rudy Giuliani, Archbishop Ramsey etc etc etc ……………………….

Two dear froiends of mine who died this year of prostate cancer

Alex Munro

Doug Gray of www.loveyourprostate.co.uk

New and better diagnostic tests are coming but please don’t – wait get a PSA test today because without knowing the health of your prostate you cannot receive the treatment that could save your life.

Any new diagnosrics will only be used in conjunction with the PSA test for some considerable time.



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