#Overtreatment? of #prostatecancer patients.

#Overtreatment? of #prostatecancer patients.

I read something similar to this recently about overtreatment of prostate cancer and thought I would post it on the red sock website.

“So much has been written about overtreatment but it has never been quantified”

someone else said

“Overtreatment is not the fault of the medical team. The fault lies in the tools they have to work with in making a diagnosis that requires treatment so that they err on the side of caution which of course leads to overtreatment as they view keeping a patient from dying an essential.”

In my view overtreatment strengthens the position of those against screening for prostate cancer (or even using the PSA blood test on healthy men).

Undertreatment is another  major issue for men with metastatic prostate cancer.

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