USPSTF final decision ‘NO PSA SCREENING’

USPSTF final decision ‘NO PSA SCREENING’


Do they think that by having no PSA screening it will actually save lives? I would like someone to explain that to me.

Have they forgotten the values of health care?

Do NO harm

No decision about me without me.

If this United States Task Force had listened to the families of the men who die each year they would see the grief and misery that having a PSA test too late for a cure creates.

Having no PSA screening test will do more harm than if we have screening for prostate cancer.

In an ageing population we need our men to be healthy enough to work way beyond the current retirement age this decision will impact on that and place a heavier burden on what will be a diminished working population.

We all agree that the PSA test is not what we would like it to be but if it were used for a targeted risk based population the results I am sure would save many lives.

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