#PCa men ask “why/how are so many gleason 6 men overtreated?” #DrMyers answers

#PCa men ask “why/how are so many gleason 6 men overtreated?” #DrMyers answers

Patients such as myself have been asking for years why and how are so many men who present with a gleason score of 6 treated aggressively rather than by careful monitoring.

We know that overtreatment is the biggest hurdle standing in the way of a meaningful screening programme for prostate cancer – screening to be defined as a targeted risk based plan.

Overtreatment should be considered and examined as a totally separate issue to the one of under treatment which affects those men whose prostate cancer develops into a metastatic disease. Ignoring undertreatment because of the overtreatment should not be acceptable.

The current practice of under treatment is totally unacceptable we men and those that love them will raise our voices until those that decide our fate start to listen to us.

At last we seem to have an ally in Dr Myers who in one of his weekly ‘Ask Dr Myers’ videos about prostate cancer this week gave his views this week called “What the USPSTF should have said”


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