PSA or DRE but first know where and what your #prostate is. Watch this video!

PSA or DRE but first know where and what your #prostate is. Watch this video!

This is a brilliant video and very amusing way of getting a very serious point over.

Get the family including sons and daughters  (all those over 15) sat around the computer and watch this new video made for Prostate Cancer Rsearch Centre.

Who is that guy with stubble in the red tie?

If it doesnt make any man smile then he is the one that should be making an appointment for the test.

If you get the impression its all about a finger going where no finger was intended to go then you would be wrong because you can refuse it.

A PSA test would be a good place to start so PLEASE at the very least find out where your prostate gland is and know what it does and then go and demand a PSA test from your GP.

If your GP is reluctant to let you have a PSA test just tell them that you dont want to be added to the statistics of a man dying every hour of the most prevalent cancer in men for the sake of a simple blood test which when interpreted in the correct way could indicate prostate cancer at a stage when a cure is possible.

Forget those TV advert personalities telling you that the most important call you will probably ever make and you may have a claim if you were sold insurance you didn’t need! It is your PSA appointment call that ‘may be the most important phone call you will ever make’


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