I hope this never happens to any other men with #metastatic #prostate #cancer

I hope this never happens to any other men with #metastatic #prostate #cancer


My poem to my Angel of Mercy is at the end.

Two weeks ago I was admitted into hospital for the first time ever in my life even though I have been living with metastatic prostate cancer for the last 7 years.

I was taken in with stomach pains and diagnosed with dehydration and undernourishment (hadn’t eaten for 10 days).

It was discovered I had a thickening of the large intestine.

A drip was to be set up for me to be re hydrated and fed but the staff nurse had her own agenda. The drip was not set up until 10am although the consultant had said i needed it at 7am that morning, because of scans and loo visits 9bed pans would not have coped!!) it took until 7pm for the drip to get into my body all because despite asking from a semi conscious state for the drip to be reconnected it was done in her time and on one occasion it meant i had to wait 2 hours. This was my FIRST ever visit to hospital.

Here is a poem about that experience.




She’s called an Angel of Mercy?!?!

But- I didn’t see any wings

Perhaps they were small, or concealed

Or, even invisible things!


“Excuse me for being a nuisance

But I want to go for a wee”

“Well – use a bedpan” she barked

“It makes it easier for me”


“But – I can walk to the toilet

If you just disconnect my drip”

You could tell by the way that she glared

She wasn’t used to such lip!


I managed to do what I needed

after making my way to the loo

But, it angered my Angel of Mercy

She created quite a to do!


She delayed reconnecting my drip

She’d teach me a lesson that day

I’d learn – like all the others –

It would always be done “her way”!

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