#Should men have a #PSA test from the age of 30? To understand #prostate #cancer progression.

#Should men have a #PSA test from the age of 30? To understand #prostate #cancer progression.

This may be controversial but my interest is in saving men’s lives and to stop this needless loss of life.

One man every 52 minutes dies of prostate cancer.

It is accepted that a mans prostate remains healthy until about the age of 40 in most men.

We know that there are men who are classified as being in the HIGH risk group, men of African,  Caribbean origins, men with a strong family history of prostate cancer. They say these men should be tested whilst in their 40s because of their risk of developing prostate cancer.

In the UK the NICE guidelines say that an INFORMED man can have a PSA test from the age of 50 or earlier if they have symptoms or are in the high risk group. (discussion about how a man becomes informed and who has the information is for another post on the red sock site).

They also know that when a man is diagnosed whilst he is in his 40s he usually has the most aggressive form of prostate cancer.

In summary we are allowing some men to have a PSA test at 50 yet his prostate gland may have had upto 10 years of degredation so that when they are looking for comparisons to see how this disease develops are they really comparing eggs with eggs?

The red sock campaign is suggesting that we follow ALL men with an annual PSA test (until a better test comes along) from the age of 30.

Because almost all mens prostate glands will be healthy during this period useful information may be gained about when prostate cancer cells begin to develop.

They would also be observing prostate glands that should all be very similar and therefore it would be easier presumably to pick out those that show early signs of developing a problem.

Of course it would take a whole new approach to testing for prostate cancer.

The over treatments that currently occur far too often are certainly not the fault of the patient but the responsibilty lays squarely at the door of those who interpret the results and the criteria they use when interpreting them before presenting options to the patient.

It is the men who fall into the grey area of diagnosis and under go radical treatment that make up almost all of the over treatment.

I hope you agree that there is the basis of some research in the form of a study  done to test the value of testing men from age of 30.

These are all my own conclusions  based on the five years I have been researching prostate cancer as a layman.

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