The value of an annual PSA test in predicting aggressive prostate cancer

The value of an annual PSA test in predicting aggressive prostate cancer

This study by Kaiser Permanente published in the British Journal of Urology International comes as no surprise the families who have lost the man in their lives to the most common cancer in men.

The red sock campaign along with Sian at PMG and the Blims would like to see a study done on men from the age of 30 using the PSA test to see if there are indications of when things start to go wrong. It would be a long term study as we know that prostate cancer in the early stages is a slow growing cancer BUT if whilst we sit and wait for a diagnostic tool for prostate cancer families are being torn apart by losing the man in their lives to a disease that when diagnosed early enough is almost always curable,

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  • Cazzie
    Posted at 19:59h, 10 February

    Too many men, when found to have a high PSA, are being told “Let’s watch and see what happens”. We know what happens, the cancer grows and spreads. My husbands cousin was not offered a PSA test, even though he is 74. His Prostate Cancer grew and spread into his spine. The tumour in his spine eventually grew so big it broke his back, causing the spine to crush his spinal cord: he will never walk again! If you ask your doctor, they will do a PSA test for you. If you’re told you have Prostate Cancer, please do not wait and see: have the Prostate removed! The unwanted side effects caused by removal, such as impotency, inability to have an erection, can be helped with medication. It’s a small price to pay for your life. I know several people who have “waited”, only to wait too long.

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