Routine blood tests for men with PSA

Routine blood tests for men with PSA

At the red sock campaign I have been looking for a peer reviewed study that would:


2/ SIMPLIFY the guidelines that cause so much confusion to GPs in primary.

3/ Be relatively JARGON FREE so that ALL men can understand the reasoning.

4/ REDUCE over treatment.

5/ REDUCE under treatment


In this study by Dr E David Crawford there is a clear and simplified pathway that seems to complement and add to the red sock campaigns own presentation of “PSA testing – A Way Forward”.

Dr Crawford says:

90% of PSA tests are carried out in family practice in USA (similar % in the UK).

A 50yo man with a baseline(his first) PSA of less than 1.5 has a less than 1% chance of prostate cancer in the next 5 years. (Surely a clear reason for a man to have a PSA test).

A baseline PSA between 1.5 and 4 means a 7.8% chance of prostate cancer in 5 years (10% for men of black African origins)

Dr Crawford then goes on to explain which men and when men should be referred on to a Urologist.
Dr Crawford used the data from 300,000 patient records in the Henry Ford Health System.

Here is an easy read link to Dr Crawfords study results, there are also some very interesting discussions on this study on YouTube.…/

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