Prostate Cancer Treatment

Treatment depends on a number of things, as there are a number of different forms of prostate cancer. The majority will be just inside the prostate itself, however other forms of prostate cancer have spread to other parts of the body. The cancers themselves have differing levels of aggresiveness. On diagnosing the cancer a doctor would also take into account the age and general health of the patient.

Active Monitoring
Active Montioring, involves keeping a close eye on the prostate cancer. This involves regulary being checked with the doctor and maybe a repeat PSA test.

Surgery involves a procedure known as a radial prostatectomy. This involves removing all of the prostate gland completely. It does offer a chance, but is not guranteed.

Radiotherapy involves using radiation as a means to shrink the prostate cancer, by killing some of the cancer cells. It offers men a chance of a complete cure, but does have some side effects. Side effects do vary widely according to some published reports.

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