Below you will find some of the supporters and followers that have taken their time to show their support to the RedSock Campaign.

Griff Rhys Jones support The RedSock Campaign“Campaigns such as the Red Sock are crucial to highlight that prostate cancer is the biggest killer of men in Wales. It’s important for men to realise it’s not just an “old man’s illness” – men as young as 40 are now being diagnosed. Getting checked early enough at the first signs of symptoms, will save lives” Griff Rhys Jones

Rhodri Morgan supports The RedSock Campaign“Prostate cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer in men and the fifth most common cancer overall. Early diagnosis and treatment could reduce the mortality rates significantly. That is why I am fully supporting the Red Sock campaign – so that we can raise awareness of this condition in Wales. More awareness means earlier detection, earlier treatment and better survival rates.” Rhodri Morgan

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