The Prostate

About the same number of men will die of prostate cancer as women die of breast cancer.

The prostate is a gland that produces fluid (semen) in which sperm swim.


Where is the Prostate?
The prostate cannot be seen or felt outside of the body becasue it lies between the penis and the bladder. A doctor can feel the prostate when doing a Digital Rectal Examination (DRE)


Size & Shape
It is normally the size of a walnut and looks similar to a ring donut. The shape allows a tube to run through it. This tube (The Uretha) allows urine to pass from the bladder through the penis to outside of the body.


Prostate Cancer Stats:


Prostate Cancer is the leading cancer in men in the UK


The number of Prostate Cancer deaths per day in the UK


The number of NEW Prostate Cancer cases diagnosed every day


% of men surviving 10 years + after cancer diagnosis

What are we looking to achieve:

To “RAISE THE AWARENESS” of Prostate Cancer in Wales. “EVERY MAN should have access to the treatment that is best for his cancer and his lifestyle.” Leaflets and booklets about Prostate Cancer need to be more readily available across Wales.

To provide A LINK to those seeking where to get ADVICE & GUIDANCE on Prostate Cancer as well as information on events and how to become involved, as the number of men needing care for Prostate Cancer is certain to rise in the next few years.

To improve and provide BETTER FACILITIES, information and meeting places for men and their families to discuss any queries they may have regarding their symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and lifestyle.

The PSA blood test should be at least offered as part of an annual health check for ALL men, it would then be the mans OWN choice as to whether he decides to have the health check offered to him.

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