#Prostatecancer diagnosed? here are 17 questions for you to ask.

#Prostatecancer diagnosed? here are 17 questions for you to ask.

1/ What were my PSA scores?

2/ Will I need a biopsy?

3/ What are the risks and side effects of having a biopsy?

4/ How many biopsy samples will you take?

5/ What are my Gleason grades and Gleason score?

6/ Will I need an MRI, CT or bone scan?

7/ What is the stage of my cancer?

8/ What does my stage mean?

9/ What treatments are suitable for me?

10/ What are the risks and benefits of this treatment?

11/ What are the chances of successfully controlling the cancer with this treatment?

12/ What follow up will I need after treatment?

13/ What is the risk of my prostate cancer coming back?

14/ How will I know if my cancer returns?

15/ Which second line treatments will be available to me?

16/ Are there any clinical trials which I could take part in?

17/ Who can I or my family contact if we have any further questions or concerns?

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