Feb 2006 the day I was told “YOU HAVE #CANCER” its #advanced #prostatecancer!

Feb 2006 the day I was told “YOU HAVE #CANCER” its #advanced #prostatecancer!

Each morning for the last 6 years I have woken wondering if this is the day the aggressive cancer cells within me become active again.

Then I put all those thoughts to the back of my mind and get on with living a full and active life.

BUT I remember those early months after my diagnosis and in particular that very first day.

It was Thursday February 9th 2006 the day had started just as most Thursdays but that was all about to change.

At 5.15pm I arrived at the consulting rooms ready for my 5.30pm appointment. I was given a cup of coffee by an attractive smiling nurse and asked to wait for the consultant. I was feeling fine hardly a care in the world this was just going to be a case of well Mr Cass your in your 50s now so you need to pay more attention to your health (diet and exercise).

I was called in and there sat the Urologist I had no idea what a Urologist was but he looked just like an ordinary bloke to me but obviously he must be important as he had his own consulting rooms.

What reason did I have to be worried?? as we exchanged pleasantries after all I feel fine Im very fit and exercising every day, never smoked in my life, the occasional glass of wine or two, in fact I had never ever been ill in my life (that I can remember), doctors visits were for taking my children to when they were young but not for me. I am invincible I had to be it was expected by my four children and running my own business left no time to be ill.

But wait Consultants arent they experts in there field???

what he said next was to change my life in an instant and forever, pleasantries over he said Keith I have looked at the report your GP has prepared following your PSA/DRE test and I am afraid I have to tell you that it is almost certain that YOU HAVE CANCER!

Wow who is he talking about? I sat back in the chair motionless here I was alone with this stranger giving me the news no one wants to hear, where are my family where are my friends NOW I need you all.


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