When should men be tested for Prostate Cancer?

When should men be tested for Prostate Cancer?

Research is the only route to finding a cure for prostate cancer.

We know that as prostate cancer progresses in a man that has had a diagnosis of the disease then the drugs and/or equipment to treatment them become more and more expensive.

Currently they hardly ever look for indications of prostate cancer in men under the age of 50. Even the NICE guidelines use the arbitrary (my word) 50 as the starting point looking for the disease.

Prostate Cancer can take 20-25 years growing before it becomes detectable so surely they should begin looking for indications, not conformation in young men from the age of 25.

A study that would track the health of young mens prostate gland may well give them a better indication of when things start to go wrong and perhaps indicate why and then these young men could be treated at a stage when a cure may be possible and it may reveal those men who will never need testing.

As with most prostate cancer studies it would take maybe 15 years before any meaningful results could be achieved but my view is that if you dont start you will never get to the end.

Perhaps the work currently being done by Siobhan Sutcliffe & Graham Colditz (Nature Reviews) may open a few eyes.

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